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Last updated: March 23, 2006

KAMEI Nobutaka

A perch


Married. Living with my wife.
Our budgerigar likes to use me as a perch.
Two fat gold fish.


I think I have three cultural backgrounds: culture of Kanto (Eastern Japan); Kansai (Western Japan); and the Deaf community.

I was born in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo in Kanto, Eastern part of Japan. This is the reason why my first language is Japanese of Eastern dialect.

When I was enrolled in the university, I moved to Kyoto in Kansai, Western part of Japan. I was modified by the culture of West, especially in the aspect of sense of joking.

After I married my Deaf partner, I moved again into another culture, the Deaf-World. I have got opportunities of culture shocks in various aspects of life, such as languages, values and customs.

All of these backgrounds are essential to make up my personality in present.

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